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Canton United Future Stars Academy

Canton United Soccer Club offers junior-level training for players 4-9 years of age.

Player development will focus on individual passing and shooting technique, ball control, field position, skill development and decision-making through fun activities in a friendly, motivating learning environment taught by professionals.

Objectives of the Future Stars Academy

Ø  Instill a passion and love of the game of soccer

Ø  Develop a comfort level on the ball

Ø  Develop skills such as fakes, moves, and shooting technique

Ø  Encourage creativity from all players

Ø  Running technique, balance, and coordination

Ø  Introduction of tactics (positioning)

Ø  Foster the importance of relationships between players, teammates, and coaches

Our Future Stars Academy program at Canton United provides our youngest players with the building blocks of the game of soccer. At the youngest ages, it is extremely important to understand that soccer is NOT a team game. All young players must first develop a love and a connection with the soccer ball as an individual.

                Establishing this relationship with the ball at an early age can create a lifelong passion for the game of soccer. We introduce games, concepts, and basic skills that contribute to developing a players passion for the game in an environment observed and directed by professional staff coaches.

                Importantly, all three stages of our Future Stars pyramid above are interconnected. For instance, a player cannot demonstrate ball skills without first developing a certain level of comfort with the ball. This comfort level and confidence with the ball at an early age is a critical foundation to later success. Players thrown into competitions before they are comfortable with the ball can be counterproductive to individual development. 

                Various ways of receiving, passing, dribbling, faking, feinting, and striking are all introduced and repeated at weekly sessions. Also, various methods of coordination exercises with and without the ball are utilized. All players are shown movements that they can (and should) replicate at home to improve as players.

                Scrimmage games are incorporated into the sessions and all are small sided to maximize the player to ball ratio and touches per session. It is important to remember that basic skills are necessary to scrimmage effectively. For instance, playing a 4v4 scrimmage is relatively unproductive for individual development if those players are not able to control the ball consistently. This is why comfort level and skill development are the top priority and most crucial element of the Future Stars program.

                Players that demonstrate excellence during the Future Stars program may be invited into one of the competitive game squads which typically begin at the U8 level. The foundation of skills we build at the Future Stars level helps prepare players for the next level of the United program. This is done both technically (individual skills) as well as psychologically as players begin to become comfortable with Canton United coaches, expectations, and a fun but structured learning environment. 

                Building a players love for the ball and the game, as well as providing an environment for learning the fundamental skills necessary to begin to compete in the next levels of our United program are the main objectives of our Future Stars Academy.