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Summer training schedules, times, and locations will be sent out to our club members by the weekend.

Our target return to play date will be Monday, June 8th per the Team App update. 

As mentioned to everyone in our clubwide message May 3, teams have been removed from all tournament events and leagues in order to prioritize player/family safety and controlling our player environments. We do not feel sending our families to facilities where dozens of other teams and families will be in an uncontrolled environment  is in the best interest of our families at this time.  We also feel that jumping into game and tournament play (if permitted) after 3 months of no team training or activity puts our players at increased injury risk.

We will be focused on providing our club members 6 weeks of summer training in June/July to build back up and prepare our players for the Fall 2020 season which begins in August.

We will  look to add inter-club as well as friendly scrimmages after training begins, players regain a certain level of strength and fitness, and it is permitted by health officials

Specific rules and guidelines for our summer training sessions will be sent out to our families via Team APP and will follow all of the rules and guidelines provided to our health and government professionals

Thank you!

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Canton United Soccer Club is a premier soccer organization devoted to providing players of all ages, skill levels, and economic status with professional coaching and an unparalleled club structure, while encouraging them to approach their life’s goals with a healthy and positive outlook, both on and off the field.

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